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Toronto / GTA

Posted by Inkmemetal on November 30, 2016 at 1:08am 0 Comments

Farewell Leicester Square!

Posted by tat2d on September 30, 2016 at 6:09pm 0 Comments


Posted by tattsmanuk on June 7, 2016 at 5:51am 8 Comments

bull ringed

Posted by Ron Hanneman on January 16, 2016 at 7:13pm 3 Comments

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Inked pubs

Started by Cowboys Horse in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by Cowboys Horse Mar 13. 8 Replies

I am getting my pubs inked soon as was wondering if anyone could tell me how painful the experience can be ?  ThanksContinue

Septum piercing

Started by Haribo55 in Piercing Talk.... Last reply by Inkedshit Mar 10. 5 Replies

Hi guys,I consider getting a septum piercing.As long as I can hide it with a septum retainer when I am working, I don't see many problems.What is the biggest size to start with ?I guess I want to have bigger girth soon after healing, and stretching…Continue

Scrotal ladder wanted

Started by marked pig in Bod Mod Talk.... Last reply by marked pig Mar 9. 2 Replies

I was pierced in a scene to put in a guiche and also had a Top pierce my nipples and insert rings. Now I want a scrotal ladder to join my pa to the guiche - but rather than go to a studio would like them inserted in one go, in a scene. I have bars…Continue

Tags: meatotomy., ladder, scrotal, PA

PA repair

Started by Pj in Piercing Talk.... Last reply by Cowboys Horse Feb 25. 11 Replies

I had a PA piercing that I abandoned because I stretched too fast, and it almost migrated completely through. Eventually I got repierced lower down the shaft but the jewelry still wants to pull through that little piece of skin. I'm wondering if…Continue

Cyber Piercings

Started by Dragonsmark in Inked-Up General... Jan 22. 0 Replies

Piercings that give extra sensory feedback...I picked this up on a BBC podcast the other day. The interviewer was a little squeamish about the piercing aspect of it - but it's kind of cool functional piercing art.Check out Cyborg Nest - …Continue

New ink

Started by marked pig in Inked-Up General... Jan 18. 0 Replies

Planning my left shoulder and pec. Thinking of a 'green man' with leaves, autumn fruits etc in style if my Neptune. Any thoughts and suggestions? Thanks.

Hormone treatment

Started by José Luis Sánchez in Bod Mod Talk.... Last reply by José Luis Sánchez Jan 15. 23 Replies

Hello. I'm starting a hormone treatment. Not to change sex. But I'll love to become a hermaphrodite, with tattooes, big beard and tits. A freakish look. Anybody here had a similar experience? Please, let's talk about it...Continue

Blast Overs

Started by PeterK1970 in Tattoo Talk.... Last reply by PeterK1970 Jan 14. 2 Replies

Has anyone had any experience of blast overs? I'm currently having my entire left sleeve blasted over and it looks AMAZING!!! (I'm not sharing pics until its done coz it looks kinda crazy.)I had never heard of 'blast over' until my tattooist…Continue

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