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Toronto / GTA

Posted by Inkmemetal on November 30, 2016 at 1:08am 0 Comments

Farewell Leicester Square!

Posted by tat2d on September 30, 2016 at 6:09pm 0 Comments


Posted by tattsmanuk on June 7, 2016 at 5:51am 8 Comments

bull ringed

Posted by Ron Hanneman on January 16, 2016 at 7:13pm 3 Comments

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Piercing jewelry source?

Started by Mike in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by marked pig on Wednesday. 3 Replies

Other than my ears my only piercings are my nipples. I find that Stainless steel and basically anything other than titanium are irritating. I love my 10 ga horseshoes, the way they feel,  but they are stainless and after a couple of days I can't…Continue

Green man

Started by marked pig in Tattoo Talk.... Last reply by Tim H on Tuesday. 1 Reply

So far much of my ink has been marine inspired but I am becoming more and more interested in traditional green man designs. Now, the question is do,I mix land and sea or keep the land to a new part of the body? I was thinking of under my bicep ( who…Continue

Perineal Tattoo

Started by Mikey in Tattoo Talk... Apr 1. 0 Replies

This will be a first tattoo and I appreciate that intimate areas are not normally the first area. However for symbolic reasons I want a specific tattoo on my perineal area. Is this practical and cqn anyone suggest a London uk tattoo artist…Continue

Scrotal ladder wanted

Started by marked pig in Bod Mod Talk.... Last reply by Cowboys Horse Apr 1. 3 Replies

I was pierced in a scene to put in a guiche and also had a Top pierce my nipples and insert rings. Now I want a scrotal ladder to join my pa to the guiche - but rather than go to a studio would like them inserted in one go, in a scene. I have bars…Continue

Tags: meatotomy., ladder, scrotal, PA

Inked pubs

Started by Cowboys Horse in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by Cowboys Horse Mar 26. 10 Replies

I am getting my pubs inked soon as was wondering if anyone could tell me how painful the experience can be ?  ThanksContinue

Septum piercing

Started by Haribo55 in Piercing Talk.... Last reply by Inkedshit Mar 10. 5 Replies

Hi guys,I consider getting a septum piercing.As long as I can hide it with a septum retainer when I am working, I don't see many problems.What is the biggest size to start with ?I guess I want to have bigger girth soon after healing, and stretching…Continue

PA repair

Started by Pj in Piercing Talk.... Last reply by Cowboys Horse Feb 25. 11 Replies

I had a PA piercing that I abandoned because I stretched too fast, and it almost migrated completely through. Eventually I got repierced lower down the shaft but the jewelry still wants to pull through that little piece of skin. I'm wondering if…Continue

Cyber Piercings

Started by Dragonsmark in Inked-Up General... Jan 22. 0 Replies

Piercings that give extra sensory feedback...I picked this up on a BBC podcast the other day. The interviewer was a little squeamish about the piercing aspect of it - but it's kind of cool functional piercing art.Check out Cyborg Nest - …Continue

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