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Is this site now officially dead????????

Started by Mark in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by Maury Decay Tattoos Jul 7. 2 Replies

I ask this in all seriousness as I have never in the past several months seen anybody on line at the same time as me, and there are a few very spurious and I suspect fake new profiles here too.What a pity it seems to have gone the same was as HTGMContinue

Getting tattoos on your cock and balls

Started by heavily tattooed bear in Tattoo Talk.... Last reply by Dipped in ink Jan 30. 85 Replies

How many of you guys have had your genitals tattooed? How old were you? What is the design? Was it difficult to convince your artist to ink this area? How long did the process take? Has getting tattooed 'down there' improved your sex life? Any…Continue

Tags: penis, prince-albert, Jacobs-ladder, piercing, tattooing

YouTube and head tats

Started by Tim H in Inked-Up General... Oct 30, 2023. 0 Replies

Lately the YouTube algorithm has been sending me a blizzard of head tat shows.  In the past I have occasionally, out of curiosity, checked one out. But it has never been a great fascination of mine.  I have plenty of other fascinations' that YouTube…Continue

Tags: YouTube, tatts, head


Started by Tim H in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by Adventurous Sep 22, 2023. 1 Reply

The last few years has brought the issue of trans people into the public eye.  We have a league for trans people, but it has been inactive since 2012 and has no public comment.  I am not trans.  But I would like to have trans people talk to us about…Continue

Green man tattoos

Started by Rudd Crawford in Tattoo Talk.... Last reply by Tim H Aug 2, 2023. 13 Replies

I'm getting tempted to get one.  Anybody have such a tat, and willing to share a pic?  Maybe a league of green-man-tatted folks?Continue

“Forced Ink”

Started by Richard in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by Nick May 27, 2023. 48 Replies

I’d love to hear stories of people getting forced ink. Especially in highly visible places. A fantasy of mine is to be kidnapped and forced to get my entire face, head, neck and hands totally covered. I’d like to be so tattooed that I’m not…Continue

Tags: tattoo, facial, ink, Forced

An unexpected offer.

Started by Inkedpig in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by meatmutt May 9, 2023. 7 Replies

Just started my latest piece after lockdowns and back to my preferred artist - heavily inked, pierced, great beard and married, as am I?Today he came on to me and suggested that we book a hotel room, but a) I am happily married and b) whilst I fancy…Continue

Tags: sex, artist, Ink

Swollen Lymph Node

Started by Inkedboy in Tattoo Talk.... Last reply by Inkedboy Apr 12, 2023. 5 Replies

Hi all, I had a 6 inch by 6 inch tattoo done on the back of my upper leg on Sunday and then noticed a swollen Lynch node in the groin area on Tuesday. Is this normal? I am a bit worried and hopefully you inked up folks can chime in. Thanks.Continue

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