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Spammers, how to get rid of them..

Started by Hans Huisman in Inked-Up General... on Thursday. 0 Replies

Jesus H. Christ, dear men, again 9 commercial ads in the blogs folder. I've asked Anoki: Can't you send this guy, these women an invoice €10.000,- per day they abuse our dear website with their annoying advertisements? For that money a bailiff is…Continue

Tags: Spammers..

Have you ever wanted forced ink? or forced to live not of your choosing?

Started by Urinal in Tattoo Talk.... Last reply by Urinal Nov 23. 28 Replies

I am sure there are tops in here that have forced or greatly encouraged their partner, slave or boy to get ink that the top wanted him to have, to live with. Is it a mark of ownership? is it a way for the guy wearing the tat to show to the world he…Continue


Started by Tim H in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by Inkedandmore Nov 22. 1 Reply

One of our most frequent and active member/participants, Haribo55, Harry, died on November 15.  He joined us in September, 2010 with a bit of ink scattered about his body.  During the years since the tattooing has spread over much of his skin.  He…Continue

Hormone treatment

Started by José Luis Sánchez in Bod Mod Talk.... Last reply by José Luis Sánchez Nov 19. 9 Replies

Hello. I'm starting a hormone treatment. Not to change sex. But I'll love to become a hermaphrodite, with tattooes, big beard and tits. A freakish look. Anybody here had a similar experience? Please, let's talk about it...Continue

Tattooed Hole

Started by Bradley Manchester in Tattoo Talk.... Last reply by Bradley Manchester Nov 3. 8 Replies

Hello Gents,I really would like to have my hole tattooed and am asking your advice on where I can get it done.  Are there any tattoo artists in the UK who would do one for me?  Alternately in the Dallas area?Grateful for any guidance you can give me.Continue

forced modification

Started by Modifyme in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by Urinal Oct 17. 20 Replies

I'm a clean canvas to be forced modification without limits.Now tall, rather muscular, brown curls, full beard, trendy man of for surgery, laser, hairstuff, metal, ink, ...Continue

Split Tongue - Re-growth

Started by Inkedandmore in Bod Mod Talk.... Last reply by Desert Falcon Oct 9. 1 Reply

Has anyone experienced 'regrowth' with a split tongue? i.e. where the split tongue starts to grow back together?If yes - any adverse 'sensations' experienced?Continue

Inked Up Needs Your Help!

Started by Anoki in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by Eddie Sep 20. 34 Replies

Many thanks and much appreciation for all who heeded our call…Continue

Tags: death, or, life, important

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