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Inspiration galore..

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Bulking up

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Toronto / GTA

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Anal/Genital/sm tattoos berlin

Started by servant4men in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by servant4men Feb 28. 10 Replies

Hey... Been a slave for a long time and i am looking to get "FAG" tattood on Where my pubes were, and a ring of some kind around my hole. Basically interested in tattoos advertizing my true nature. Does anyone have experience with this?Any idea…Continue

Be proud to show tattoo

Started by TattooedJeff in Tattoo Talk.... Last reply by TattooedJeff Feb 11. 13 Replies

Hi all, Just wanna share my experience in getting comfortable with who I am.  I've always wanna be tattooed heavily since I was very young. Growing up always striving for academic excellence, I didn't know when would I start to get some real ink in…Continue

Tags: tattoo, image, self, pride

PA Opening

Started by Cowboys Horse in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by Cowboys Horse Feb 1. 8 Replies

Hey all,Had to take my 0 gauge PA for surgery and I didn't replace it fast enough. The opening has closed some. I am willing to put the 2 gauge back in but I am having difficulty. Does anyone have an idea how to stretch the opening without having…Continue

“Forced Ink”

Started by Richard in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by Kurt Adler Feb 1. 9 Replies

I’d love to hear stories of people getting forced ink. Especially in highly visible places. A fantasy of mine is to be kidnapped and forced to get my entire face, head, neck and hands totally covered. I’d like to be so tattooed that I’m not…Continue

Tags: tattoo, facial, ink, Forced


Started by Bextreme in Inked-Up General... Nov 22, 2017. 0 Replies

Hey so I'm new here not a full on body mod person lol.. but I was planning to get a pride tattoo and was googling gay friendly places to go then found this site. Yep, too I secretly fantasize about fucking the female tattoo artist haha.

Dermal punch nipples

Started by TattooedJeff in Piercing Talk.... Last reply by Tim H Nov 9, 2017. 5 Replies

Hello, first of all, I self pieced my PA 8 years ago. Now satisfied with the current size at 1 gauge.Moving forward, I would like to get my nipple pierced at a large gauge since they had been pierced before and had grown in size. I think I could get…Continue

Tags: piercing, punch, dermal, Nipple

Hormone treatment

Started by José Luis Sánchez in Bod Mod Talk.... Last reply by xoinkd Nov 7, 2017. 31 Replies

Hello. I'm starting a hormone treatment. Not to change sex. But I'll love to become a hermaphrodite, with tattooes, big beard and tits. A freakish look. Anybody here had a similar experience? Please, let's talk about it...Continue

A place to put the word urinal on me

Started by Urinal in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by Powerbear Oct 3, 2017. 9 Replies

Hey, after all this time not deciding with Piss Daddy about where the word urinal should go... today i found a spot i really like.  i have been thinking big but here is a small spot that might be really good though it might also hurt lots.  i have…Continue

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