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“Forced Ink”

Started by Richard in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by Nick May 27. 48 Replies

I’d love to hear stories of people getting forced ink. Especially in highly visible places. A fantasy of mine is to be kidnapped and forced to get my entire face, head, neck and hands totally covered. I’d like to be so tattooed that I’m not…Continue

Tags: tattoo, facial, ink, Forced

An unexpected offer.

Started by Inkedpig in Inked-Up General.... Last reply by meatmutt May 9. 7 Replies

Just started my latest piece after lockdowns and back to my preferred artist - heavily inked, pierced, great beard and married, as am I?Today he came on to me and suggested that we book a hotel room, but a) I am happily married and b) whilst I fancy…Continue

Tags: sex, artist, Ink

Swollen Lymph Node

Started by Inkedboy in Tattoo Talk.... Last reply by Inkedboy Apr 12. 5 Replies

Hi all, I had a 6 inch by 6 inch tattoo done on the back of my upper leg on Sunday and then noticed a swollen Lynch node in the groin area on Tuesday. Is this normal? I am a bit worried and hopefully you inked up folks can chime in. Thanks.Continue

PA or Reverse PA?

Started by Powerbear in Piercing Talk.... Last reply by Tim H Apr 9. 4 Replies

What are the pros/cons of a PA vs a Reverse PA?Some things I want to know:Healing time for each?  Relative pain?"Spray factor" - I know this can be a big deal for a PA, but what about a reverse PA?Thinning skin - I know some guys that start with a…Continue

Tags: Reverse, PA

Transscrotal piercing

Started by Adje in Piercing Talk.... Last reply by Qujco2 Jan 5. 2 Replies

anyone any experience with them?What I mean is high above the balls from front to back of scrotum, as advised by BMEIt is the only piercing that I seriouslly want to add to my collection.Continue

good piercer in london?

Started by 1966 in Piercing Talk.... Last reply by Qujco2 Jan 5. 1 Reply

any recommendations? looking for scrotal ladder, amp and a few other bits. thanksContinue

Piercing in a scene

Started by Inkedshit in Piercing Talk.... Last reply by Qujco2 Jan 5. 5 Replies

I am looking for a reputable body piercer in the PA, NJ, NY area that would be willing to do a piercing scene with me and my partner.  Please let me know if you recommend anyone.Continue

How much coverage is considered "heavily inked"?

Started by TheCygnet in Tattoo Talk.... Last reply by Powerbear Oct 9, 2022. 2 Replies

I see lots of guys describing themselves on the dating sites as "heavily inked" but the definition of that seems to vary greatly from a few tattoos spread around, to entire bodysuits. What to members of this site consider to fit the description…Continue

Tags: #heavilyinked

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